26 April 2011

new layout, new attitude

It took me a few hours, but I finally got the layout of my blog to be how I wanted. I was thinking about changing the title, but I like "Lions, Tigers & Clare". It will help remind me of why I started the whole thing in the first place, Tanzania, duh. The fonts are still a little rustic. The yellow (or marigold as I recently saw in InStyle) is just an awesome color and apparently all the rage for summer.

TaTa for now.

22 April 2011

make me an artist

Ok, i'm not even going to pretend I call myself an artist, but the idea of this little paintbrush makes me super excited. My family bought an iPad earlier this month and I haven't gotten to really use it, but they're loving it. We skyped on it the other night. I wish they'd buy me one!

Anyway, so check out this video. The concept of this website is really awesome, Kickstarter allows people with great ideas and concepts to find backers to fund their projects. About 3 days ago, the Flow only had about $3,500 pledged to fund it. Now, it's up to $5,452!