30 January 2014

eating my way through NYC

Walk, Eat, Drink, Sleep. Repeat. 

I feel like it goes without saying but New York City has the best food in the world. Any food in the world you could want, I would bet you can eat it in New York. When I was feeling touristy, I snapped some shots of the delicious meals I ate. It's nice to remember how yummy it was, considering the massive hit that my bank account took after the weekend. Yep. It was worth it.

Crispy Sushi at Mira Sushi. The rice was flash-fried and tasted different than any sushi I'd had before. Amazing. 
The Formaggi & Salumi Plate @ Eataly's La Piazza
List of the cheeses (formaggi) available @ Eataly. Think this made me miss Rome? 
Brunch at The Smith. I had poached eggs with potato pancakes and creamed spinach. It was... glorious. 
It was the greatest weekend. Those girls sitting at that brunch table make my heart happy. They're all living in New York and it's everything. Fun / exhausting / crazy / challenging / rewarding / frustrating... Everything. I was happy to catch a glimpse and get a taste. 

27 January 2014

Lions + a GoPro

If you couldn't tell by the name of this page, I'm a big cat fan. So my jaw was pretty much open in envy for 15 minutes as I watched this video of a South African man who has developed an incredible relationship with lions. The video focuses on his concern with the habitat loss and shrinking numbers of the lion population. I think it's great that GoPro, a company with a huge advertising budget, chooses to promote their product while shedding light on important moral issues. Way to go, GoPro.