23 May 2016

ok let's try this again

I took a year off, but I'm back. I need to get my voice back.

I'm 25 now. I'm getting smarter. I think. I'm working this delicate balance of standing firm in my shoes and allowing myself to dance and move freely in the midst of things that come my way.

Keegan-Michael Key just blew me away in his interview on "Off Camera with Sam Jones". His passion and storytelling turned an hour interview into a heartfelt outpouring of emotion. I had to keep rewinding after he finished the following statement:

"I'm a big proponent of here's a sentence and theres a piece of punctuation. When we read a script or read a book, there's a millimeter of space between that piece of punctuation and the capital letter in the next sentence. That millimeter to me, might as well be a hundred mile chasm because in that millimeter between that punctuation and that capital letter, you can do anything."

I just want to write.