09 May 2011

whatever happened, happened.

I'm currently in the process of writing an 8-10 page paper for my religion and communication class. It's about the TV show LOST, probably definitely my favorite show of all time. I watched the first episode over Winter Break in 2006. When my mom & dad bought me & my sister the new iPod videos, I downloaded all of season 1 & 2 and watched it in Italy on that tiny screen. From then on, Lost was my obsession. Yeah, I was that person that would go on to lostpedia and wait anxiously for EW's Doc Jensen's analysis of the latest episode. Then the discussions I'd have with Wheatley and the J. Crew the next day were just great. 

Now, I sit here almost a year after the series ended, at a figurative brick wall, trying to write a paper about the Religious Themes in Lost and what it means for modern day spirituality. Lost epitomized the bumper sticker I have on my car that says "we're all connected". It made me laugh, and cry, and think, and learn and feel like an active participate in a genre of passive retention.

Oh, and also, Jack Shepard aka Matthew Fox is so freakin' cute. 

So I'm going to finish writing this paper by tomorrow, then study for my Tuesday final and that ladies & gentlemen is the end of sophomore year. My goodness, where did the days go? I'll complete my ode to 2010/2011 when I get back to Marietta on Wednesday and have time to reflect on how it's all gone down.