27 March 2012

Malta, a perfect piece of the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean sea isn't a barrier. It's a pathway for sharing ideas, customs, religions and cuisine. I've been to the coast of Spain, Gibraltar, several Greek islands and now, Malta. Though these places have their individual cultures, it's incredible to see their unifying characteristics. 

Here, family trumps all else. Family is your life and all networks in communities are based on families. The cuisine is similar throughout the Mediterranean. From Greece to Morocco, people use the same ingredients, olive oil, wine, bread, fresh vegetables. The Mediterranean diet is known throughout the world as healthy and clean. Also, there is a high importance placed on social constructs and gender roles. Men & Women have different roles in the community and the home. Those norms are expected to be followed to avoid conflict. 

On our third day in Malta, Prapti & I took the double-decker bus tour around the island. It was a great way to see everything and we spent time outside of the touristy area of St. Julian's. We got off the bus the first time at a fish market, typical to other coastal markets I've seen along the Mediterranean waters. The vendors were selling fish and everything else: candy, toys, vegetables, souvenirs, electric appliances and clothes. The fish, however, looked amazing. Nothing better than buying your fish four feet away from the ocean it came from!

Yummy Treats
Our next stop was the Blue Grotto, a famous cliff site on the Western coast of Malta. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 

 The next day, we took the ferry to Gozo, a small island north of Malta. We traveled around on the Gozo Sightseeing Double Decker bus. Our first stop was the Citadel, a lookout point where we could see almost all of the island. 

We hopped back on the bus and headed towards the Azure Window. I hadn't heard much about this site, and thought it would be similar to the Blue Grotto the day before, but this took my breath away. 

Geologists think the bridge between the the rocks will crumble in the next 50 years. WA WA WAHHH.

Prapti and I walked on top of the peninsula and could have stayed for hours, but the bus was coming to take us back to the main town. We got back on the ferry & had a delicious dinner that night. Sushi for the first time in seven weeks and it was delicious. 

Our flight was early the next morning and we spent that day in Rome, packing for Prague.Can't wait to tell you alllllll about that place. You should really czech it out for yourself. I gotta go. 


  1. Now, your Dad wants to go there with you as my guide. Glad you had fun.

  2. no fair no fair! those are all beautiful i want to walk on that rock before it crumbles. love you miss you!