05 March 2012


This weekend we went to Brussels, and instead of giving you the play by play of our adventure, here's a list of ten of my favorite things about the city, in no particular order. 

1. It's the 'Capital of Europe'. Money is printed there. EU officials hold meeting there, so from the start, it has a very diverse atmosphere. I couldn't figure out what a "Belgian" looked like, with people of all colors and creeds walking in the streets.

2. The Beer. Beer was served like wine in Italy. I loved it! My favorite was this drink called Kriek, made from fermented cherries.

3. Delirium is this pub complex with a beer menu about two inches thick. There's about eight small bars and a main alleyway connecting them. Like Belgium, there were people there from all over the world, all walks of life.
 I also found these two beauties on the wall behind the bar...

4. Waffles! Shocking, more food. BUT LOOK AT THESE WAFFLES! 

5. Architecture: It was a perfect mixture between French and Dutch. I felt like I was in Paris for a block then stumbled into Amsterdam.

6. The Hilton City Center. My roommate, Sam, got us a sweet deal at an awesome Hilton. The beds, the sauna, the luxury! Ah it was so nice!!!

7. The Grand Place is the main square in Brussels, lined with churches and surrounded by restaurants.

8. Fries or frites. They're just. so. good. I even tried them with mayo, not so bad...

9. The Royal Arts Museum was home to a painting of the happiest baby Jesus I've ever seen!

10. My roommates who went to Brussels, Nancy, Sam & Katie! We had so much fun!

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