11 March 2012


Last night was incredible. Started off with dinner at Tony's, a great restaurant in Trastevere that we college students frequent all too often.
Mommy & Friends at Dinner in Trastevere!!
Then, we sent Mom home and the big kids went out for Benny Benassi. He's an electronic artist from Italy, internationally famous and big in the night-club scene and at music festivals like Ultra. I'll get there one day.

The venue was called Atlantico and it was about 20 minutes outside of Rome, which made it very inconvenient to find a cab home at the end of the night...
Benny Benassi and the artists who opened for him were so much fun to watch and listen to.  We (our group of 10) bought VIP tickets, luckily, so we were able to sit down for a while and leave our jackets in a safe place. I ended up needed to sit for a while because I fell and bruised my spine on a set of marble stairs on Wednesday night. So graceful.

The show started around midnight and we didn't leave until almost four. We finally caught a packed night bus to the Colosseum by about 5 AM and stumbled upon this scene...

... as the birds began to welcome in the day. Finally, we got a cab and I arrived back at the hotel to a very delierious Mommy. We went to the large street market today along viale de Trastevere and had a wonderful time looking at jewelery, antiques and avoiding the used clothing booths..

Midterms this week! How has this semester gone by so fast?! One thing is for sure: I won't running back to Atlanta when May rolls around, I love Rome.

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  1. You are so cosmopolitan. I was hoping this was about Jack Benny! jk