05 October 2010

Athens- The 8th Wonder of the World

Athens, GA has to be one of the greatest towns in America. I feel sorry for people that don't get to experience college here, but Athens is so much more than a college town. it's a hidden treasure, a melting pot of innovation, creativity and tradition.

I'm just going to list reasons i love athens. Tomorrow, there may be different reasons but I don't know what those reasons will be so here:

1. The local businesses create a community. My favorites? Oh goodness. This is going to be longer than I expected.

The Grit, Schoolkid's Records, Your Pie, Agora, Jittery Joe's, Yoguri, The Hub, Masada, 2 Story Coffeehouse, The Grill,

It's kinda like this, in high school when I wanted to study somewhere other than my house, I'd go to Borders, Panera, Starbucks. All of which are fine. When my family went out to eat: Chili's, Longhorn & the like. All big franchises with a big scale mentality. Locally owned and operated places are just... better.

2. Saturdays in the fall, when the Bulldogs play at home.

Ok forget truthfully devestating season we've suffered through so far. Maybe it will get better, I have faith in the potential of shame and the sheer terror Mark Richt is probably feeling at this moment. He's going to make it right. But there's nothing more exciting than seeing the campus & surrounding areas turn into an all out party. The babies sporting UGA onesies, the 70 year old men in suits using a cane to make their way to Sanford Stadium... it's a great thing.

3. It's close enough to everything you'd need in a big city, yet far enough away to feel far enough away. Does that make sense?

In less than 20 hours, I can be in... Marietta hangin with the fam, Downtown Atlanta, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Macon, Greenville, SC, on a plane out of Hartsfield-Jackson to anywhere in the world. Pretty cool right?

4. The history is everywhere you look.

The oldest state chartered university in the country, Civil War memorial, old homes & buildings built so beautifully, the urban legends, and the people behind those legends.

I see why people come to college here, go out to explore the world & end up right back where they started. I don't think that's a weakness or a fault, I think it shows a deep connection and for many, that connection to Athens is real.

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