02 January 2011


This New Year's Day feels different. I woke up this afternoon feeling like I'd finished the lastest book in a series, ending with to be continued...

2010 was a great year.
I did a lot of things, traveled to 3 continents, maintained great friendships, started to figure out what it may look like to someday "have my dream job". Every books gotta end somewhere. Every TV series has to be divided into episodes, and so if you have to divide your life.. it makes sense to do it by year.

Here's what I expect/demand from 2011:
  1. Start my internship with the Fish & Wildlife Service and enjoy it.
  2. Travel to 2 new continents (preferably South America and Asia, I don't really have a desire to go to Antarctica anytime soon)
  3. See my sister graduate high school and start enjoying college.
  4. Convince my family to get a dog. The empty nester thing just doesn't seem their style...
  5. Move into my new house on 8/1 with Julie, Kristi & Margaret.
  6. Turn 20, probably the most useless age to this point. It's a tease.
  7. Continue to meet people that are intriguing and lovely.
Resolution: Because New Years Eve was so great, I've decided I should incorporate the fundamentals into my everyday life. Tactics:
  1. Wear sparkly things. It always makes you feel better.
  2. Drink champagne. It's bubbly, it tastes good, it's fun to pop.
  3. Hang out with great people. People take a lot of time to make sure the company they're with at midnight is a company that is worthwhile of the occasion. This shouldn't be a 1 night thing. Don't spend time with people that suck... on any occasion all 365 days a year. Period. No excuses.
  4. Be excited to live another day. Instead of just saying, 'wow, can't believe I made it to 2011!' think 'hey, april 28th! you're awesome. glad i have another day to enjoy my life'.
  5. Make it memorable. Take pictures, write, reflect.

“As you grow older, you’ll find that the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do.” - Zachary Scott

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