27 March 2011

duty calls

This week, an Athens-Clarke County officer was shot and killed by a local resident. I'm sure you've heard the story but if not, click here. Today was the memorial service for Officer Christian. Hundreds of people attended the service downtown, but the amazing thing happened on the way to the cemetery. Athens residents lined the streets as the funeral procession passed, and I was one of them. First came the Athens Police Cars, then the hearse and family, then at least a hundred emergency vehicles from all over the state. From the top of the hill where I watched the 20 minute trek, all I saw were blue lights, no sirens, and the silence was deafening.

Events like this are a slap in the face for me, or maybe just a tap on the shoulder, reminding me to do my best, be my best and in honor of those that no longer can.

As a college student, I often look at the police officer with caution and distrust, rarely with respect as I should. That funeral procession today changed that. So, Officer Christian, thank you for your sacrifice to this city and I'm sorry.

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