13 May 2013

Awaiting Arrested Development

I didn't start watching Arrested Development until Netflix announced they were preparing the show for a fourth season, after seven years off the air. Netflix has premiered their original series, House of Cards and Hemlock Grove but this is the first time they've revived an existing show. They don't release an episode a day or week but all episodes in the series at once. So it has the potential to be more like an 8-12 hour movie than a television show. Either way, I find the process fascinating.

Netflix started as tech company and paved its way to the forefront by offering new and old entertainment to their customers. The sheer magnitude of content on Netflix is overwhelming. Now, it's taking the next logical step: cutting out the networks and creating the content themselves. The hype around Arrested Development is really exciting and I've been preparing myself by perusing AD GIF's, Perez's lists, and creative marketing campaigns on BuzzFeed. I'm sure when it premieres on May 26th, fans and first time viewers will flock to their phones, tablets, computers, and Internet TV's to see if Netflix got it right. I bet some will even have a full marathon with all 15 episodes in one sitting. I have no issues if that's your choice, but shouldn't you spread the fun? Just a little?

Here's the trailer for Season Four:

...and if you haven't watched Seasons 1-3, you're in luck; they're already on Netflix.

ALSO... I graduated college since I last blogged. I'll write about that some other time. It's hard to fit four years in one post.

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