20 August 2011

Cross It Off

#15. Restore a piece of furniture. 

I decided I wanted the furniture in my room to be pieces that had some sentimental value. I had a lot of great furniture at my house, stored in the garage or in our basement and during the garage sale this summer, I set aside the pieces I liked the most and fixed them up.

My bedside table, desk & chest of drawers all belonged to my grandmother. Each piece needed work, but by bringing them back to their original beauty, I felt a bit closer to her.

Bedside Table: It needed to be cleaned and sanded then I streaked it green but kept the original pull. The lamp next to my bed was hers as well.

Desk: The desk had been in my room when I was younger and was my cats favorite scratching post. My dad helped me with this one and glued back the piping that had been torn off and repainted it. I bought new knobs at Anthropologie.

Chest of Drawers: I had painted the cabinet in 2000, (I know because I signed the back of it, so proud) and at the time I thought it was the coolest thing ever. And, yes, those are star and sunshine stencils on the sides of the cabinet.
Step 1. Sanding & Cleaning
I decided on Green for the accent pieces in my room because I love bright green and it works with so many different colors.
Step 2: Painting

I bought more knobs from Anthropologie, and drilled the holes for them. Total, it probably took me about 6 hours to do the chest of drawers but it was so worth the time, especially considering the only money I spent went towards paint and knobs. I love waking up and looking at it!

The Big Reveal...

This definitely gave me the inspiration to want to restore more old furniture. So fun!

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