26 January 2012

settling in

Hello! I'm in Rome! How exciting!

I arrived Monday morning, spent Monday walking around the neighborhood with my parents and met Prapti & her dad. It's wonderful here.

We moved in on Tuesday, to an apartment just across the street from a tram line, which will take me right to the Argentina stop, about a 5 minute walk to Trevi, Piazza Navona & Campo di Fiori. We have four more roommates, from South Dakota, Minneapolis, Houston and Philly. We're going to be a good group. Our living area is beautiful, all marble floors and nice furniture. The bedroom situation is a bit difficult. It's smaller than the dorms at UGA. At least it will keep me out of the room and on to the streets of Rome. To explore.. not, ya know.. Anyway, we had orientation yesterday with our group. We have about 60 in our group from ISA, but the American University has about 500. Classes start Monday, so I'm sure I'll get to know more people then. Now, it just feels like freshman year, being awkward during the day, then pretending like you're all best friends when you see each other at the bars.

Trastevere, the area I'll be living in and going to school has windy roads and delicious restaurants. It's known as the 'hip' area of Rome, maybe like the Brooklyn to Manhattan? Prapti made that comparison. Our side of the river is a less touristy area, with windy streets and no peddlers, which is a welcomed change from the men on Via Del Corso trying to hustle me to buy a Louis.

Today is Prapti's 21st Birthday! I'm sure we'll go out and explore the city in a few hours but the day has been pretty productive so far already. We went to the department store, upim, and bought new sheets, towels, mattress pads and duvet covers for our beds. Call me a brat, but I needed pretty new sheets as opposed to the old ones they gave us with the room. I still haven't unpacked too much because honestly, there isn't enough space to unpack. I may have to put my shoes in the china cabinet in the dining room or something. 

I'll put up more pictures later, but until next time...


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