30 January 2012

back to school

First day of class. 9-3:30.

Late to campus, walked in wrong classroom for 10 minutes, got called out by my film teacher for being late, fell asleep watching the film but in my defense, we were watching Unforgiven, a Western film with Morgan Freeman & Clint Eastwood. We'll watch a film every Monday at 9 AM, meaning... I need to be wide awake walking into class.

It was cool getting to campus and already feeling like I knew a lot of people because of all the time we had together last week. My next class, at 12:30, was Feature Writing. We'll be writing journalistic stories that have more of a human interest angle, not just the 5W's and H. The toughest thing about the class will probably be brainstorming topics I'll find interesting enough to write about, especially with the language barrier between myself and the people I find interesting in Rome.

Then, Prapti & I went to get a cappuccino and a sandwich. FINALLY, I found a turkey sandwich, complete with mozzarella and arugula. So yummy.

Lastly, I went to Italian Language and Culture. We learned the proper ways to greet people and the present tenses of basic verbs, like 'I am' or 'io sono'. All my Spanish background makes it easier, but it's still not the same. However, I did have a nice little back & forth conversation with the man who sold me gelato tonight... and by a back and forth conversation I asked him how he was, Come sta? and then he said he was fine and asked me how I was. I replied "bene" of course, because I was about to have some chocolate chip gelato!

I came back from class and took about a two hour nap, then spent the rest of the evening researching plans for the weekend. Anyone want to submit to my travel fund? You'd think it'd be cheaper to fly in Europe. I wonder if they're all dupping us with this financial crisis in Italy. I've never seen people spent so much money on ice cream and pastries. Did I mention there's no sales tax?

Tomorrow, I'll go to my final two classes, The Mediterranean World and European Mass Media. For now, I'm off to bed.

Buena notte!

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  1. Oh Clare, yes I was giggling about the debit right as you said " okay GIGGLE" and dont be like Dad and assume that everyone is out to get you, remember Gionvanni brought Dad´s phone back???? Anyway, we will talk about Sunday, you may be too tired to meet these girls but oh my how fun they are. Your blog is amazing and I can´t wait to read more, your a pretty cool lady ... ever heard that before???