01 February 2012

io sono Clare y no sono italiano

The language barrier is tough over here in Roma. I'm getting by, but I'm the type of person who loves striking up a conversation with a stranger on the street or in a restaurant, but here, I can't do that to the same degree. A big smile and an attempt to say "Do you have monthly bus passes?" is sometimes met with compassion, and often with confusion.

For that reason, my Italian Language & Culture class has been great. Instead of dwelling on grammatical nuances, we're learning conversation and though we're only on the basics, I soak up every word because I know I'll walk outside the gate of the American University and appreciate everything I've learned.

I dropped my later class on Tuesdays & Thursdays, so I'll be done by noon tomorrow for the week! Helloooooo 4.5 day weekend!

We're going to Florence this weekend, and recieved an email from our program director warning,
Forecasts for this weekend in Tuscany are crystal-clear:
FREEZING COLD (around 20-25 F)  and SNOW
so DRESS ACCORDINGLY (warm clothes, hat, scarf, gloves, etc.)
and take un UMBRELLA with you
ci vediamo venerdÄ›
ISA staff"
I don't do too well in the cold, especially when I'm in a place known for its warm environment, so this should be.. interesting. I guess I'll just have to go back when it gets a little hotter. We booked our tickets for Venice next weekend. It's Carnivale, like Mardi Gras but in Italy. Should be a blast. 

Can't wait to tell you all about it when I get back!!

Someone go get a Chick-fil-a Chargrilled Sandwich in my honor, and maybe some queso, too. But not at the same time, unless you're by Alps Rd in Athens, then it just makes sense. 

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  1. Loved the blog today,do you have a coat hat and scarf!!! Im so happy you are embracing the language. I emailed Marco and coming in March, but couldn't find his personal email address. Would you please go get your jacket and talk to him about availability in March. i