14 February 2012

Carnivale in Venice

This was the third time I'd been to the place and finally, I feel like I've conquered Venice, and don't feel the need to go back for a while, as in a decade or three.

Though by then, it'll probably be underwater...

Fun fact: flying standby in Europe is even less fun than in America! Because of many issues and silly rules, I bought a ticket to Venice about an hour before the flight left. SOOOO CHEAP!

Prapti, Nancy, Steve, Mike, Ryan and I were all on the same flight and took the vaporetto into Venice. I don't know if I've ever been so cold. The sky was white, no sun in sight and the wind was out with a vengeance but we arrived at our apartment... and realized we would be spending the weekend in a area very far out of town... and with an 80 year old woman who knew no English, and she would not be leaving for the weekend. Apartment rental sites can be misleading about things like that. So, we didn't even unpack. Nancy, Prapti and I found a hotel near Piazzo San Marco called Hotel San Moise that ended up being perfect. Hopefully we'll get a refund.

Basically, we walked around and enjoyed the people in costumes, ate, drank hot wine, shivered, drank hot chocolate, shopped for masks and took pictures. Don't believe me? Look.

There were some awesome sights inside the Doge Palace and St. Mark's Basilica. I'll put up more photos later!!

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