24 February 2012


Hi everyone! I started this blog when I went to Tanzania in 2010, so the title Lions, Tigers and Clare worked well. I've loved blogging, documenting my trips, writing about issues I care about, and discussing my life. Obviously, some other people enjoy reading it, too. I just got my 2,700th blog view. That's not a lot by most blog standards, but I'm just happy that people are caring about what I have to say. Or, they enjoy reading about Europe. Either way, thank you!

Also, there are a lot of you out there in America that I'm missing a lot! I can't tell who is reading this, so if you are, comment, message me, say hey! Because Europe is awesome, Rome is spectacular. But I love the people in my life, and a lot of you aren't here.

I'm heading to Naples tomorrow for the day with about eight other people in my program and I'm SO EXCITED! The weather is suppose to be beautiful, and I can't wait to see a beautiful blue ocean.

Happy Weekend, Amici!


  1. Hi, Clare, I guess you are looking at the azure waters of the Mediterranean right now. What a beautiful sight! Naples and the Amalfi Coast are on my bucket list.
    I guess I'm going with Mom to Brussels this afternoon. We'll be on the same continent, albeit at opposite extremes, but as usual, close at heart.
    I can't wait to hear your impressions of today's trip.
    Love you, Dad

  2. Wow Baby, this is a place I WILL see, one day!! I love you and all you are to so many!!!!