21 February 2012

life's keeping on

It's been a busy few days for four reasons...
  1. I've started Season 2 of The Walking Dead... and I've watched eight episodes since Friday. I love that it's filmed in Georgia, even though the subject matter is vile. Basically, the whole world has turned into zombies, save for a few brave and clever souls. It's human nature at it's best and worst. It's pretty eerie to see scenes from Downtown Atlanta, and Georgia license plates because it makes it strangly more realistic. There's a tendency for zombie movies and television shows to feel cheesy, but The Walking Dead pulls you in, and it feels real. The characters are likable, too. Unless they get bitten by a Walker and turn into a zombie themselves. 
  2. There's been BEAUTIFUL weather in Rome, so I've been trying to enjoy being outside without freezing!
  3. I have two quizzes tomorrow, in Film Genres and Italian Language.
  4. Prapti and I made our Spring Break plans!! We're going to Malta for the first half, then Prague to hang out with a bunch of people from our program. Planning trips is exhausting, but it's a burden I'll gladly bear. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty sure I just saw a couple of zombies in our Kroger!