03 January 2013

Great Gift Idea for Study Abroad Students!

If you're studying abroad, taking a big trip or want to give your parents and family a nice thank you gift upon your return, I would definitely recommend doing something similar to my project!

My roommate, Sam, came home from an awesome ski trip in Switzerland and explained the idea to our apartment. I knew my parents and grandparents would absolutely love it. 

Here's the gist:
Take a photo of yourself in front of an important location in the cities you visit. Ask to borrow a piece of paper from the hostel front desk or bring your own. As you can tell, I wasn't consistent with the type of paper I used, but I think it made the whole thing look authentic. Use "Thanks for Giving Me the World" or come up with your own special phrase!

I started in early March with my trip to Brussels (holding the beer at Delirium Tremens). It was so fun to plan it and think about how the final result would look. I printed the pictures, framed it for my parents and grandparents and gave it to them about a month after I got home. 
Thanks- Under the Eiffel Tower
For- Outside the Prague Castle
Giving- In the Courtyard at AUR
Me- Inside an Ancient Coliseum in Pompeii
The- Delirium in Brussels
World- Fontana di Trevi
Seriously, do this. It doesn't take that much work and you'll smile every time you look at it. 


  1. Great idea Clare! I didn't know you blogged. Can't wait to read MORE! xoxo, hannah

  2. This is lovely honey! I'm sure your parents and grandparents loved it, such a unique way of saying thanks :)

  3. very cool idea! i can't afford to travel much, so i might start mine off in front of the big chicken or something...