08 January 2013


 There's just something about cities. The energy, the people, the stories... Ah, I love it. Before Christmas, I went to visit my roommate and other friends from Rome in Philadelphia. What a cool place. My friends live in the city. I'm talking skyscrapers outside the front door, on the subway line... It's awesome. They were awesome hosts and I think enjoyed being tourists in their own city. I certainly loved seeing them after seven months!

We took trains everyone, explored Old City, South Street and hit all the big tourist spots. As a big fan of America, I freaked out a bit at the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall but the food, art and time spent exploring with friends was incredible.
Friends / Plaque Commemorating the First Meeting of the Supreme Court in Independence Hall/ Wideshot of Independence Hall/ Room of the First Continental Congress (GW sat in that actual chair)
Presents @ the Independence Gift Shop- Great Quote / Ornament from China... what?  

Philly Pretzel with Mustard / My leftover Cheesecake / Pho

Asian Ceramics/ Painting of a Beautiful Dress/ Matisse / Crystal hangings at the Barnes Museum and Philadelphia Museum of Art
"Friendship is the new black". Right?

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