05 March 2013

Stop & Enjoy the Music, Sweetheart

Hello sweet, sweet blog. 
What's up, you ask?
A lot. 

Taking 14 hours of classes and working 12 hours a week doesn't leave much time for the things I love. Traveling, blogging, concerts, SLEEP, time with friends. Don't even get me started on figuring out post-grad plans.
But it leaves enough time.

I've gone to two great shows in the last week: Moon Taxi and EOTO, both at the Georgia Theatre. 

Moon Taxi's found their the cool old-fashioned way: by putting on a killer show. The sold-out crowd at the Theatre loved it. It's funk meets rock meets send me to the sky, or moon, as would be appropriate. They'll be at some awesome festivals around the country this summer. Do yourself the favor.

EOTO is comprised of two members of The String Cheese Incident. SCI has a cult following. It's insane. You don't just like String Cheese... You LOVE String Cheese. Boyfriend is one of those people. The percussionist for SCI plays drums and sings while the drummer handles the percussion, guitar, loops and electronic madness. These guys are musical geniuses but it was clearly a show designed for people who can sleep past 8AM. Their set started at 12:15 in the morning. I know, I'm 21. I should be up for this kind of thing so after a cup of joe, I was good to go. 

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