24 June 2013

Athens Farmers Market

It's one of my favorite events of the week in Athens. On Wednesday afternoons, the Farmers Market sets up at City Hall and offers visitors of all walks of life a chance to buy some delicious, delicious food. I find it so much sweeter and more personal than a supermarket. I get to meet the guy that picked the blueberries and cut the flowers from the vine that morning. The things I bought were too pretty not to share.
"The Comerian" Sourdough Bread at the Market.
The sandwiches I've made with the bread are out of this world.
Cooked these at 400F for 35 minutes with EVOO, Rosemary, S&P.
I may never buy blueberries from the grocery store again.

The flowers were an impulse buy, definitely unnecessary but I sure love looking at them when I walk in the kitchen. My time in Athens is coming to an end and I've been holding on to every little moment, like the Market and the great bands at Athfest I saw this weekend. Taking the time to look around and smell the flowers isn't just an option, it's the only option in a town like Athens, Georgia.

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