27 June 2012

Cabo San Lucasssssss

I’m about two weeks late on this one. Whoops. You’ll have to excuse me. I’ve been working 8 to 5 Monday to Friday and in my spare time, I enjoy being with friends and relaxing (or playing with my precious kitty)… not continuing to stare at a computer.

But there was Cabo San Lucas. Man, did I love that place. Cabo is on the tip of Baja California, isolated from everything except itself. It’s a desert. The mountains are full of cacti and  tumbleweeds, yet sometimes the oceans is only yards away. Cabo isn’t very popular with people from the South and East, mostly because of logistics. It’s much easier to get to Cancun, Cozumel and the Caribbean than to the tip of Baja California but Delta (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) has a direct flight to Cabo every day. Lucky for us.
My mom has been a part of a timeshare system since she was 25, making money from an early age.. . gotta respect that. With her ownership, she can virtually swap for another resort all over the world. It’s a sweet deal. So, we were able to stay at the Welk Resort on Serena del Mar. It was about 15 minutes outside of the town but we had a rental car. A few days, we didn’t even leave the resort because it was so incredibly pretty.
Water Taxi to Lovers Beach & the Famous Arch
Like any good resort, there were activities going on all day to keep the happy guests even happier. One day, we took salsa lessons. The next day, my sister, mom and I indulged in a ‘bar-tending course’. It was more of a drinking course and it kinda ruined me for the rest of the day. I had to drink a Coke at dinner that night.

The food was INSANE. Of course tacos and guacamole were always available but I was surprised by the prevalence of sushi. Cabo is close to some of the best fishing in the world and the sushi was incredible. At Baja Cantina on Medano Beach, we had avocado and crab wrapped in tuna. It was one of the tastiest meals I've had in a long time, says the girl who spent four months in Italy.
Queso Made Tableside
There are so many Americans living in Los Cabos, and I'm envious. It's incredibly Americanized. Need 42 rolls of paper towels? Head to Costco. Want to pick up an Iced Latte? Swing by one of the several Starbucks in the area. Home Depot recently opened a store in Los Cabos for home-improvement needs. And, of course, there was Wal-Mart. But don't fret... my family didn't step into any of these store. We instead bought essentials at a market on the highway. Right next to the drug store advertising Viagra, Lipitor, Phentermine, Vicodin and Latisse, the potion that makes your eyelashes look like Brooke Shields'.

The last day in Cabo, Natalie and I tried paddleboarding. It's like kayaking--- standing up on a surfboard. I fell a bunch and had to resort to my knees at times, but it was very cool. It's the closest you can get to standing on water! The waves were rough with all of the jet skis and boats on the beach but I can imagine it would be incredibly peaceful on a smooth and quiet beach. One lady even brought her dog on the board!! Lucky pup.

Sister, standing. Me, struggling.


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