13 June 2012

Trucking Food Through ATL

There’s something fascinating about seeing 100 businessmen & women in professional attire order their lunch from a van. But hey, it’s much more fun than a food court. Every Tuesday, food trucks from around Atlanta serve the Atlanta Galleria Office Park and surrounding area. I’d been planning on sampling the cuisine since reading about it in “Creative Loafing” on my way to Cabo San Lucas last week. Yes, Cabo was wonderful. I’ll write about it when my sunburn goes away.

I rallied the boyfriend to come with me because it’s incredibly depressing to eat alone. They set up the trucks in the middle of the Office Park, between the four high-rise buildings. It’s a beautiful area, with a fountain, tons of seating options and greenery all around. Quite a nice reprieve from an office. Today, there were four food trucks and a King of Pops cart. I didn’t have any cash, otherwise I would’ve gotten a Coconut Lime popsicle. If it’s anything like the Coconut Lime Mojito I enjoyed in Rome, I’d be a happy girl. Next Tuesday.

Here's the article from Creative Loafing about Food trucking: On the road with Atlanta's street food vendors

 We went to the Buen Provecho truck because the line was shortest. The Happy Belly truck line was at LEAST 20 minutes long. I got the Roasted Pork Emparedado (sandwich) with some plantains. Delicious. Except, it was SO HOT OUTSIDE and a hot sandwich wrapped in hot foil doesn't necessary cool you down. Lesson learned!

Hope you're having a great week!

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