30 April 2012

Instagrams of April

Ciao regazzi! I got back from Barcelona yesterday, and I'm still in shock over how much fun I had. You'll have to give me a few days to process it before I write about it.

Allora, I've been taking some pretty great pictures on my ole iPhone, especially when I'm too paranoid to take my nice camera out on ordinary days. Observation: days when you don't think you'll take great pictures, you'll find great things to shoot. The next few weeks, I think I'll be taking a lot my pictures, trying to remember as many small moments as possible. Man, am I going to miss Rome.

April 7th- The Pantheon. Paris.
April 8th- Paris.
April 8th- David Guetta Concert. Paris.
April 13th- My 21st Birthday. Sorrento, Italy

April 18th- Studying at AUR. Rome.
April 18th- My Street. Rome.
April 21st. View of St. Peters from St. Angelo. Rome.
April 22nd- Chocolate Shots. Rome.
April 24th- A little montage to Rome.
April 25th- Dream Villa in the Neighborhood. Rome.

April 25th- Prapti at the Dining Room Table. Rome

April 25th- My favorite study spot, across from the Trastevere Train Station. They even have Wi-Fi! Rome.


  1. I think we all should move to Rome for a few months out of every year? You game?
    Love you, your pictures, and especially

  2. ......your writing! Dad

  3. ......your writing.
    Love, Dad