03 April 2012

Y'all Have to Czech This Place Out

I'm leaving for Paris on Friday and realized I have YET to talk about my time in Prague almost two weeks ago. Time flies when... you realize your time is flying in Europe.

Prague is part of the Czech Republic, which used to be part of Czechoslovakia. Their time under Nazi and Communist Rule is very important to their history. But today, the Czech Republic is a very stable country with a lot to offer to the world. The people were incredibly friendly and spoke great English.

I remember reading about Prague on my friend Jason's blog last summer, but I wasn't expecting to love it. But I did. Our roommate Bunny's boyfriend is studying there this semester and she had been twice before. Almost everyone I know who has gone to Eastern Europe (Prague or Budapest or Krakow) absolutely loves it, regardless of their preconceptions before arriving in Europe. There's so much more here than France and Italy and I'm glad I'm getting a chance to explore. Eastern Europe is cheap, great for traveling and the people are very welcoming.

St. Charles Bridge, built by King Charles. It's been used since the 1400's. Casual.
Prapti & I stayed in a hostel for the first time, right behind the Old Town Square. I was very impressed with the hostel and will definitely do it again. We were meeting up with a group of ten people from Rome, so it was like a little reunion after a few days. Ryan, Rodney and Ashley were in the room next to us at the hostel, which was great!I was so happy to see my friends! What will I do without them? Can't even think about it.
Old Town Square
Everything in the Old Town Square was beautifully decorated for Easter, even though 60% of the country is Atheist. Go figure. The Old Town Square was also home the Astrological Clock and another exciting tourist trap in Prague... I'll tell you about that one tomorrow.
We were just entering Aries.
The four figures on the side of the clock move on the hour. They represent four of the worst character flaws to have, like greed. 

 The next day, we went to Prague Castle.

The rainbow stained glass made beautiful reflections inside the Church. It was unlike anything I've seen in Europe.
Changing of the Guard
I'm highly debating staying a few days after the program ends and going to Sensation White in Prague on May 19th. Anyone want to come? 

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  1. Sounds great! Maybe I'll join you? You make Prague sound great. Love ya. Dad