18 September 2013

Seven Sites 9/18

Last post, I mentioned I spent a lot of time on the internet. It's not the best thing, but I do stumble upon some pretty interesting/shocking/strange/helpful stuff. I'll save you the time of scouring HuffPost and Slate and (insert media site here). You're welcome or I'm sorry, depending on how you feel.

1. My best friend Mallory is in London being awesome (and klutzy) in London. Check out her blog and follow her memorable year from the beginning. It's called "A Patriot Among Loyalists", which is amazing because Mallory is probably the most patriotic 22-year-old I know.

2. Ok. Ew. Every girl is guilty at least sometimes of not washing their makeup off their face before bed, but this video from The Doctors about the premature havoc that makeup can wreck on your sleeping face will change your perspective. Ew. Ew.

3. I love my Birchbox, but I think the beauty sample delivery market can be shared. Enter ipsy. Same price, slightly different area of product focus but the end result looks great. And who doesn't love getting more packages?

4. I found this cookie butter popcorn recipe on Pinterest, and I can't wait to make it. Trader Joe's has the Speculoos Cookie Butter that tastes exactly like a Biscoff cookie. I'm obsessed. I think it could be substituted for peanut butter in almost any recipe. This lady made it a Easter themed recipe, but I think the fall-esque recipe could be better.

5. Have you heard of ScoutMob? Go ahead and download the app to find some of the best deals in Atlanta and a dozen other cities. It's like the cool Groupon. No offense. One of their current "Curated Local Experiences" offers a ride on the new SkyView Ferris Wheel in Centennial Park and a cocktail at the Glenn Hotel for two. Sounded like a great date night to me!

6. I love Whole Foods, so I chuckled through this entire HuffPost post by comedienne Kelly MacLean.

7. Millennials leaving the church?  Where are they going? Guest contributor, Rachel Held Evans, writes for the CNN Belief Blog about the authenticity that my generation longs for in the church. Hint, we want more than a rock band and casual dress code.

I may keep this Seven Sites thing going. Ciao! 

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