11 September 2013

Me Encanta Cabo San Lucas

On our trip to Cabo in 2012, (read about it!) my family fell in love with Cabo. So before Natalie went back to school, we decided to go back to Cabo and bring some more people we love. It was the first time Renato and I had gone on a trip together, and we all had an amazing time. After last year, we had a lot of the basics down and knew where to go to eat and shop. We loved Maria Corona and Baja Brewing Company

One day, we went to Los Cerritos Beach about forty-five minutes north of Cabo on the Pacific Ocean. It was the perfect day trip with great food and tons of surfers. But we didn't surf. I'm not that cool. 

I'm already looking forward to the next time we make it to the Baja. Third time's a charm! 

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