03 September 2013

Arden's Garden 2-Day Detox

I just feel bleh. My mind is moving faster than ever, but my body isn't catching up. I've been doing some classes at Bikram Yoga in Marietta and I love it, but the three hour commitment is a little exhausting. I need a quick jump start, especially after a gluttonous weekend in Athens.

Sunday at Fresh Market, I stumbled upon Arden's Garden 2-Day Cleanse. It was $15 for a gallon, so I picked it up and started Monday morning. I bought another gallon for Tuesday after work on Monday.  Arden's Garden is an awesome company that makes all their juices in their Atlanta headquarters. They have several stores around Atlanta and most of their juices are available in grocery stores.

Here's the deal: Drink a gallon of juice a day, a glass every hour along with a glass of distilled water.

The juice tastes pretty good- if you like grapefruit!
Two days. You can do anything for two days!

Two days can seem longer.
No variety in flavor.
No food.

I did okay but a rescheduled interview on Day 2 made me rethink my decision. I didn't want to feel less than my best during an interview so I snacked a little on the second day. Strangely, I started feeling a weird pain in my back below my rib cage. I thought I may have pulled a muscle but after some Internet research, I realized it was a swollen kidney. It stopped hurting by Day 4 but still, weird. 

I finished both bottles with a lot of distilled water by mid-Day 3. Despite the kidney issue, I'd do it again but plan around a 2-Day time when I have no commitments.

Have you ever done a cleanse? How did it go?

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