06 September 2013

Southern Girls With Roots and Wings

Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help (heard of it?), wrote an op-ed last year about the beauty of living in the South titled "Don't You See?". How am I just now finding this article??  My favorite part:

I one time got in an argument on Sixty-Sixth and Lexington because somebody claimed DUKE was a “party school.”
I says: “DUKE? Have you been to an LSU football game? Have you seen the lines at the package store on a Monday night in Athens, G.A.?”
She's right. Essays like this and the Patterson Hood writing I recently featured remind me of how, may I say it, blessed I am to live in such a strongly conflicting place. Today, I'm flying south to Valdosta to celebrate three of my best friends before we set off on our different journeys. Two of us are headed to the UK and two to Atlanta. I can't wait to see what and where the next year brings us!

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