14 May 2010


I've been trying to figure this blog thing out. Apparently, I've been saving drafts instead of submitting posts. so... this was what I meant to submit on Friday morning:
The internet has been down since Tuesday at the Hotel in Moshi, but I've had an awesome few days.

We have to go to our classroom facilities in about 10 minutes, but I'll write more later.

Finally saw Mt. Kili yesterday. She hides behind the clouds almost all the time but the sky was clear yesterday. It was more majestic than probably anything I've ever seen. Glad I'm not climbing it though, maybe I'll come back in a few years and do it. Anyone with me?

We went to Arusha, a big city in Tanzania, on Wednesday. We went to a mosquito net factory. They make about 2 million nets a year. Its called AtoZ and yall should look it up online. President Bush, Bono, the Price of Belgium have all toured the facilities and given millions of dollars through US Aid, Malaria No More and UNICEF place orders through AtoZ to be delivered throughout the continent. They employ about 7,000 people, so they're helping the people in two ways.

The Lion King is a fairly accurate portrayal, at least as far as language goes. Simba means lion, Rafiki means friend, Hakuna Matata means no worries.


  1. Good morning, Clare,
    Dear Clare,
    I am so glad that YOU have figured out the blog thing. It took me a week. Can you post some pix of Kili? Or anything? Just wondering. Some of your followers can only look at the pictures!
    We're getting ready for Nat's b'day party this afternoon at the pool. Should be fun. Bring home some of that mosquito netting for later this summer. Bzzzzz!
    Enjoy the city life for a few days. We all miss you. Call when you can.
    Love, Asante, and Hakuna Matata, Mom, Dad, and Baby Sister (17)
    Love, mom, Dad, and Natalie

  2. aww that sounds awesome clare bear Im so jealous but yeah post some
    pictures. wheeler had a protest for all the teachers who got cut(there's more now) like ms hager, ms tidrick, mr platt, ms schloemer, dr tav, Giles is going to kell, and we were on news. seniors won powder puff of course, tim McGraw was awesome but we had a man overboard, can't release that name, but what's new? willies is at my partay today. I can't beleive your so far away. can't wait to see u

  3. Clare,
    I just picked up on your blog from your Mom. I did not even know you were away out of the country. The car sitting so long in your driveway now explains my thoughts! Girl, Have an awesome trip! I know you will embellish it all because that is just you! Your information was so interesting. Would love to hear more from you soon!
    The Littles and Nibbles too