09 May 2010

this place is paradise

the hotel is beautiful. the birds woke me up at about 7 AM, and I didn't mind a bit. my luggage got left in Amsterdam, but it's being sent on the next flight and will be here later tonight. It's totally fine though, everyone is letting me borrow the things (like bug spray) that I need. Luckily I had clothes and necessities in my carry on.

It was about an hour drive from the airport to the Springlands Hotel. The people that work here are so warm and friendly. I've never felt humidity like this in my life. Slept with a mosquito net over my bed last night. It's definitely not 'roughing' it at this hotel (i had scrambled eggs and pancakes for breakfast) but its very different. Its 930AM right now. We're about to head to an orientation session.

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