10 May 2010

A suitcase would be nice

i've been wearing the same 3 shorts and 2 shirts for 3 days. hopefully it will get here later today. its 12:45 PM on Monday.

Mom, sorry I didn't call you to say Happy Mothers Day. Phones are more complicated than I expected.

Learning a lot from Dr. Whitney & Dr. Simon.
Went to the jungle yesterday on a 3 hour walk, with security of course. I saw some monkeys in the trees. They're scared of people because they used to get eaten but they were very cute.
There was this tree in the jungle that was 51 meters tall. Reminded me of the tree in Pandora.
I had the best banana I've ever had in my life for breakfast this morning.

My bag just got here. YESSSSSSSSSS.

If you're reading this, comment. I'm feeling a little irritated about taking time to write if no one cares.

Asante. (that means thank you, so I've been saying it a lot because the people are so nice)


  1. clare bear I've tried writing here but it's very difficult. miss u like crazy, your life is awesome and I'm jealous. everything here is boring. call
    me soon!

  2. Hi, Sweetie,
    So glad the suitcase got there. Now you can begin living right. Sounds beautiful over there. I am going to let all our friends know about your cute blog. Mom got home 8 hours late from Rome last night. It is noon on Monday here.
    We all miss you. Have a great time. Dad

  3. Hi my precious girl, I miss you so much but am so glad everything is wonderful. Good job on having the NECESSITIES in that carry-on!!! The volcano is at its work again and it took us 12 hours to get home from ROME after a 6 hour delay. Mona and I had a blast though, did you know Zach's birthday is APRIL 13, born at 220 pm, you are 3 hours older, ha!! You two have so much in common, he wants to go to Tanzania next year. Was KLM nice to you? how was your seat? Near your friends or in First Class? Do you like the students? Have you been to the market yet? Lots of questions,am so proud of you and glad you are happy, keep sunscreen on your feet!! I love you Mommy

  4. We forwarded your blog to some of our friends and hopefully you will hear from them too, Dad
    and I have worked hard to get our pictures in the group, hope you like them. HUG

  5. Clay-Bo! This is so much fun to read. I'm sure it's a pain, but those of us state-side are appreciative!

    Keep the bugs away and jot down your memories... fun!

    Love you... Aunt Leah

  6. Hey Clare,
    Your mom and dad did a good job getting the word out about your blog so here I am! Can't wait to live vicariously through your adventures! Have so much fun and cherish every moment!!

  7. Buddy! I am so excited to get to live vicariously through you during your awesome trip. Flying into Kilimanjaro must have been insane... I cannot even imagine how massive it is in person! You should put on a British accent and make a Planet Earth-esque documentary! Well, I miss you tons and can't wait to see you when you get back! Live it up, I love you!!!


  8. Hey, Clare!
    I just wanted to say your trip sounds amazing so far! I love reading your posts and I'm living vicariously through you right now haha.
    -Lisa Altshul

  9. I believe it is around 9:15AM in Moshi. Are you having some of the best bananas in the world? Now it's time for you to update the blog.
    Mom, Natalie and I miss you and are just imagining your day. Asante & Love you, Dad

  10. Okay sweeet one, we need an update, otherwise I'm gonna worry about those lions tigers and CLARE, planning Baccalaurate reception, ugh,
    Natalie's birthday party etc. Let us hear from you, love you Mommy

  11. Clare, have a great and wonderful adventure. Keep us all posted on your journey. If you have not heard, Carly did get her summer intership at CNN with Tyson. She is extremely excited. Have fun and keep safe. Love, Barbara Costello

  12. Yay I am so excited for you :) and so so so jealous! I can't wait to see pictures! Say hello to Rafiki and Zazu and Simba for me. I love you!

  13. where the heck are you!

  14. hey clare visiting Barnesmill just isn't the same without you. How lucky you are to have an experience like this-may I be just a little jealious? I will get a profile so I can visit from my computer. Have a time of your life darling and don't forget our love is taking every step with you. Papa and MamMa

  15. Hey, Clare, we need a post by you. This is a test on Mamma's Google account. Love you. It was great to hear your voice today. MORE!!!

  16. To everyone reading Clare's blog, the internet is not working at her hotel since last Monday and that is why she has not updated her blog.
    LOOK OUT for when she gets internet service again. Whit

  17. clare, love the title. you are so clever. and i love reading about your adventures. keep it up. they will be sacred memories for when you are older. miss you! be safe and come home soon! i'd love to see you when you get here!

    with love,

  18. Glad your luggage made it! Nothing worse than a hot shower and dirty clothes. Every time I flew American Airlines they lost my luggage (really). Love the name of your blog, very catchy and easy to remember. Looking forward to your next post and hope that you are having a blast! Can't wait to see your pictures. Luv and miss you loads, Mare

  19. I just emailed Amsale in the UGA office asking if when you leave tomorow, there will be internet access? Hope you are journaling? Miss you loads, Mommy

  20. Good morning, Clare,
    If I have your itenerary correct, you are waking up in Tanzania's capital,
    Dar es Salaam? I know that you will be there for a few days. This will be your first chance to see the sunrise over the Indian Ocean. I've never been so lucky.
    Have a great time in the "big" city. Hope you get some Wi-fi coverage. We all need a blog update. Nat went to see Tim McGraw. Mom and I went to the crawfish festival at Wild Wing and the Greek Festival. A day of festivities. Opa!!
    Asante. Love you, Dad