23 May 2010

quiet day

Tomorrow we're flying back to Arusha (i'm trying not to be worried about the flight) to meet up with the students working in the orphanage. From there, we're heading to the parks. Crazy that I'll be leaving in about a week. So I'm not sure how good internet access will be in Arusha, and I doubt it will be available in the tented camps. So, if I don't write, it 99% likely will not be because I got eaten by a lion. Isabella was afraid of that.

This morning, a few students went to the Catholic Church to try and compare it to the Friday prayer service. It was Pentecost Sunday, so the service lasted 2 hours, all in Swahili, or Latin. Probably both. Later, we went to the far eastern side of the island to see seaweed farms. Beach was beautiful. The finest sand I've ever seen so I brought a bottle back with me. Tonight will be our last dinner in Zanzibar, and I'm a little sad. I really like the atmosphere here, but I'm ready to see the lions and tigers and giraffes in the Serengeti.

Congratulations to everyone who graduated!! It's very incredible to think I was in that place last year. It's been a tough year, but here I am--- 100000000 zillion miles away from home. I don't think I could be here if I hadn't already been pushed to the absolute limit this year. Anyway, I'm gonna go get ready for dinner. Hakuna Matata


  1. Hi Clare...I have been following you. Sounds like an amazing experience. Glad that you are embracing this opportunity. I have never been to Africa and am very jealous. Can't wait to see you when you get home with stories and pictures!! Have fun in AMS and see you soon love Louise

  2. Hi sweetheart,you sound a little melancholy today. Natalie and I just got back from Holly Brackins party, really nice. Shes taking a nap in your bed wrapped in your quilt!!! Dad is making Salsa, Im going to the pool. We are busy planning our trip to AMS with you and cannot WAIT to see your beautiful face. The plane will be FINE!! God's hand are all around you. love you Mommy

  3. Clare~
    It sounds as if you have really enjoyed Zanzibar. I truly love readng about this incredible opportunity! Thank you for allowing us the chance to tour Africa through your eyes! God is with you always!

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  5. I'm speechless...which is rare :o)

    I feel so blessed to have experienced that part of the world through your bright eyes Clare. What a beautifully raw and inspiring depiction of your journey. We love you....and can't wait to see you.

    Angie, Matt, Emma and Tara ((((BIG HUGS)))

  6. Hey Clare,
    Wow, your writing is so powerful. Talk about painting a picture we can all see and a memory for our hearts! Thank you for sharing!! I can't wait to see the pics that you have taken, I'm sure they are amazing. Enjoy your time that is left...and remember everyone here loves you!

  7. I miss you so much!!! Wow, "powerful writing" coming from a PRINCIPAL, love that. Mommy

  8. clarebear i cant wait to see you next week. if you could in your next blog, tell me what clothes you want packed for amsterdam! or message me on facebook. im at work, being a big girl. camping was the funnest thing ever, you would have loved it. colin got his ticket to bonnaroo, so now its gonna be soooooo fun. haha. my amigos leave for costa rica tomorrow for the leadership trip, and i get to see you next week! i havent been able to sign into my account in a while but im bored here so im actually doing it. oh yeah, our 4 story house in amsterdam is sick. love you lots.

  9. Hey, Clare,
    How are you and the lions and tigers doing out on the Serengeti? Now "that's a camping trip",
    We are at Marion and Hal's, having attended Mckinlay's preschool graduation last night. Headed back to Marietta soon.
    We miss you, love you , and will see you soon. Can't wait!
    Love, Dad